Science diplomacy cases

In S4D4C, we combine original conceptual and empirical work in order to advance our objectives. We build on and push beyond the theoretical state-of-the-art. We also construct a unique set of case studies to maximise learning opportunities, and make our findings as relevant as possible within the EU context.

We will investigate past, current and potential future science diplomacy in nine cases. The cases have been selected following three rationales that are adjusted to EU policy goals and potential:

  1. A first set of three cases has been selected focusing on EU foreign policy goal.
  2. A second set of three cases has been selected focusing on relevant developments in the EU’s research landscape.
  3. Finally, a third set of three cases has been selected with the opportunities of EU instruments and infrastructures in mind.

Each of the cases will provide us with opportunities to reflect on past lessons, analyse current practices and assess future potential for EU science diplomacy. The cases will inform the development of a governance framework for EU science diplomacy. They will be processed and made available in our training materials and knowledge resources.