In order to meet our S4D4C objectives, both academic and practical expertise are a necessity. S4D4C has shaped its partnerships so that it can effectively address both of these perspectives. S4D4C’s approach is also characterised by the conviction that recent changes in both science (new mission orientation, internationalisation, openness, etc.) and diplomacy (changes in the role of diplomatic knowledge, multiplication of diplomatic actors, etc.) should not only be taken into account when developing science diplomacy interventions and training science diplomats. They can also be constructively used for new and more impactful types of science diplomacy.

The backbone of S4D4C’s research and public sector innovation activities is interdisciplinary social science research on the needs and experiences of EU and MS science diplomats, as well as on cases of science diplomacy. The cases are chosen and structured according to three essential angles on science diplomacy:

  1. foreign policy and diplomacy challenges as a driver for science diplomacy
  2. European science and science cooperation as an opportunity for science diplomacy
  3. EU instruments as options for coordination and science diplomacy

Building on the research work, we support current and future European science diplomacy and decision-making by:

  • mobilising knowledge and networks
  • co-creating a governance framework with a focus on interfaces
  • training science diplomats
  • providing decision-making support
  • linking up actors globally