Knowledge Transfer

The primary step in every training module needs to be the transfer of knowledge, namely the provision of basic information and the theoretical background necessary to grasp the wider connotations of a specific subject. Accordingly, this sections makes available a number of presentations that can be used for lecture style introductions, aiming to familiarise participants with the basic principles of Science Diplomacy.This page gives you access to all material of the Knowledge Transfer section. Each material is accompanied of an explanatory document which provides you with additional information on the material and its use.

We recommend using the following structure:

If the minority of participants are “beginners” in the field of Science Diplomacy, the training should start with

The training material  T6 – International Science Ecosystems  and T7 – Open Science Diplomacy , should be used for advanced science diplomats.

To make the presentation more interesting and interactive it should be combined with different exercises and discussion models from different section. For example:

  • T1 – Ice Breaking Session should be followed by a small group discussion (see Knowledge Application, T1 – Ice Breaking Session)
  • T3 – Careers in Science Diplomacy could be combined with a panel discussion (see Knowledge Exchange, T3 – Careers in Science Diplomacy)
  • T4 – Negotiation Skills should have a practical part, e.g. a video exercise (see Knowledge Application, T4 – Negotiation Skills)